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OE-Alliance Based Skins Revolution Pro - Enigma2 Skin
Revolution Pro - Enigma2 Skin - 05-19-2024
New Update
Skin Revolution Pro 7.0 py 3.12.3

Skin compatible with OpenATV

Telnet command to install OpenPLi version of the skin: tar -xzvf /tmp/*.tar.gz -C /

Hello amiki I present to you a nice skin on a base (ozeta) of the amiko MMark ... compatible with all versions of atv ...

and in addition to the pro function, activate it .. where you can change screens ... infobar, secondinfobar, channelist ...

the skin requires the use of an external memory type usb / hdd to download the posters / backdrop ...

20.05.2024 ⏱ 09:51
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