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Aglare FHD by MNASR - Enigma2 Skin

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OE-Alliance Based Skins Aglare FHD by MNASR - Enigma2 Skin
Aglare FHD by MNASR Skin - 05-17-2024
New Update
Aglare-FHD Version 3.2

*Fix some screens.
*Removed unused icons.

Aglare-FHD 19-04-2024-1

Aglare-FHD 19-04-2024-2

Aglare-FHD 19-04-2024-3

Aglare-FHD 19-04-2024-4

The supported images:
1. - OpenATV 7.3 , OpenATV 7.4
2. - Egami 10.4 , Egami 10.5
3. - PureE2 7.3
4. - OpenSPA 8.3

The skin depends on the new GUI features of oe-alliance .

Installation steps:
1- put IPK file in tmp folder
2- use this command in telnet
opkg install --force-overwrite /tmp/*.IPK

using ajpanel and choose the IPK file and " install package (force overwrite) "

Thanks to Lululla for his great work to improve PosterX render
Thanks to madhouse for his great support

17.05.2024 ⏱ 21:34
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