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  1. Meet the joro, a flying spider scientists say could someday spread to Canada  - CTV (CA)
  2. Quicksand doesn’t just happen in Hollywood, it happened on a Maine beach  - CTV (CA)
  3. Hubble equipment failure means fewer observations, NASA officials say  - CTV (CA)
  4. Why modern technology could be at risk if a strong geomagnetic storm hits  - CTV (CA)
  5. Keeping children safe on social media: What parents should know to protect their kids  - CTV (CA)
  6. Learn how geomagnetic storms create the northern lights – and why they can be ...  - CTV (CA)
  1. Silicon Valley in uproar after California lawmakers demand AI firms install kill ...  - NY POST (US)
  2. Zoom CEO wants to create AI digital clones to go to meetings for you  - NY POST (US)
  3. GameStop shares slip on disappointing sales drop despite Roaring Kitty YouTube ...  - NY POST (US)
  4. Autonomy founder Mike Lynch acquitted of fraud over Hewlett-Packard deal  - NY POST (US)
  5. GameStop surges 47% as Roaring Kitty schedules first YouTube livestream in years  - NY POST (US)
  1. Dead in 6 hours: How Nigerian sextortion scammers targeted my son  - BBC (UK)
  2. Down the Rabbit hole: Pocket-sized AI gadget put to the test  - BBC (UK)
  3. Scientists enlist AI to interpret meaning of barks  - BBC (UK)
  4. British tech tycoon cleared in US fraud trial  - BBC (UK)
  1. ‘Almost everyone supports Labour’: why 2024 isn’t the TikTok election  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. Elon Musk may ‘step back’ if shareholders reject $56bn pay package, Tesla chair ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  3. Independent UK retailers claim £1bn damages against Amazon  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  4. Uber and Lyft made a deal to raise drivers’ wages. It was another victory for big ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. Boeing's Starliner capsule docks with ISS after facing thruster issues  - CBC (CA)
  2. SpaceX launches, lands 4th test launch of its 37-storey Starship rocket  - CBC (CA)
  3. See a goofy-looking bird on the ground? It's likely a baby and it's fine, experts say  - CBC (CA)
  4. If Canada's tornado alley is shifting east, how can we better prepare?  - CBC (CA)
  5. Astronauts finally blast off on Boeing's new Starliner spacecraft  - CBC (CA)
  1. iOS 18: What to expect from Apple’s WWDC event as it reveals AI for the iPhone  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  1. Elon Musk's X ran ads on #whitepower and other hateful hashtags  - NBC (US)
  2. Right-wing media reckoning: Some outlets pay a price after spreading 2020 election ...  - NBC (US)
  3. New York passes legislation that would ban 'addictive' social media algorithms for ...  - NBC (US)
  4. AI chatbots got questions about the 2024 election wrong 27% of the time, study finds  - NBC (US)
  1. Israeli commander Arnon Zamora killed in daring raid in Gaza that brought four ...  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Photo of the Audi SQ8 e-tron  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. iPhones made before a certain date are now ‘vulnerable’ to cybersecurity attacks  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. ...Phone 6 Plus after a product announcement at Flint Center in Cupertino, California, ...  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  1. Behind Boeing's decade-long struggle to launch astronauts on Starliner  - CNBC (US)
  2. Bitcoin ETFs bring in a new investor who bucks the 'HODL' culture and rebalances as ...  - CNBC (US)
  3. Waystar shares slip in Nasdaq debut after digital health company priced IPO in middle ...  - CNBC (US)
  1. Making wine bottles takes a lot of energy. This glass plant is aiming to make the ...  - ABC (AU)
  2. Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders dies in plane crash aged 90  - ABC (AU)
  3. Australian uni students pursue the holy grail of energy generation — a fusion ...  - ABC (AU)
  4. Australia's ski fields are on a downhill slope, but scientists show there's an ...  - ABC (AU)
  5. The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it ...  - ABC (AU)
  1. Sky's the limit for biofuels  - SCIENCEDAILY
  2. Lake under Mars ice cap unlikely  - SCIENCEDAILY
  3. Robotic device restores wavelike muscular function involved in processes like ...  - SCIENCEDAILY
  4. Frozen? Let it melt with efficient new de-icer friendly to the environment  - SCIENCEDAILY
  5. Digital babies created to improve infant healthcare  - SCIENCEDAILY
  1. Six things you should absolutely do if you have an iPhone  - FOX (US)
  2. China's vast cyber trafficking network dupes Americans using fake shops  - FOX (US)
  3. Tiny Telo truck taking on giants like Tesla with big ambitions  - FOX (US)
  4. Shocker: Your phone has built-in expiration date  - FOX (US)
  5. AI language models are running out of human-written text to learn from  - FOX (US)
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