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  1. ‘Godfather’ director accused of being ‘old school’ around women on set of new ...  - FOX (US)
  2. Ryan Seacrest congratulates Pat Sajak on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ retirement: ...  - FOX (US)
  3. Bryan Cranston says Matthew Broderick was considered for his role in 'Breaking Bad'  - FOX (US)
  4. 'Full House' star Dave Coulier admits Uncle Joey's name was a stoner joke  - FOX (US)
  5. Reese Witherspoon’s real name even confuses her co-stars, Jelly Roll's felonies ...  - FOX (US)
  1. NBA, NHL voice concerns over future of Diamond Sports, as it tries to craft ...  - CNBC (US)
  2. Paramount leadership team outlines job cuts, streaming JV plans at annual meeting  - CNBC (US)
  3. Paramount and Skydance agree to terms of a merger deal  - CNBC (US)
  4. Nelson Peltz sells entire Disney stake weeks after losing proxy battle  - CNBC (US)
  5. Vivek Ramaswamy's stake in BuzzFeed sends shares up 20%, as he seeks strategic ...  - CNBC (US)
  1. Girls Aloud on public bullying, getting older and reuniting after the loss of Sarah ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. ‘I don’t know if I like it’: artist finally shown at Royal Academy after 31 ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. Nine veteran’s major call amid network scandals  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Nine veteran’s major call in network scandal  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. People reportedly trapped in large crowds at Vivid Sydney  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. General view from Vivid Festival in Sydney.  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  5. Crushing Harry, Meghan photo resurfaces  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  1. CCTV appears to show missing Michael Mosley leaving village  - BBC (UK)
  2. 'Proud' 20,000 bikers finish Dave Myers tribute ride  - BBC (UK)
  3. Katie Piper forced to pull out of ITV show  - BBC (UK)
  4. Eminem claims first number one since 2020  - BBC (UK)
  5. Why is Taylor Swift so big? 'She wants it more than anyone'  - BBC (UK)
  1. Howard University revokes Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ honorary degree after Cassie ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  2. ‘Scottish Swifties party hard’: Taylor Swift kicks off the UK leg of her Eras ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  3. Queen Sonja of Norway calls art a ‘unifying force in turbulent times’ at ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  4. Paloma Faith praised after calling out Saturday Kitchen viewer’s nasty comment  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  5. 23 brilliant movies that bombed at the box office, from Children of Men to Blade ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  6. Netflix hits out at ‘real Martha’ lawsuit with Baby Reindeer defence  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  1. Every surprise song Taylor Swift has performed on the ‘Eras Tour’ so far  - NBC (US)
  2. Taylor Swift abruptly pauses song twice at Edinburgh concert to help fans, address ...  - NBC (US)
  3. Who will replace Katy Perry on ‘American Idol’? Why this favorite is taking ...  - NBC (US)
  4. Howard University revokes Sean 'Diddy' Combs’ honorary degree, ends his $1 million ...  - NBC (US)
  5. Heidi Klum celebrates son Henry's high school graduation with husband Tom Kaulitz  - NBC (US)
  1. Spelling the end of an era: How Pat Sajak made an imprint in Canada  - CTV (CA)
  2. Celine Dion says she’s broken ribs and struggled to sing with rare stiff person ...  - CTV (CA)
  3. 46-year-old competes for Miss Universe Ecuador crown as pageant's oldest participant  - CTV (CA)
  4. 'Run Lola Run' at 25: How the movie ran a multiverse ahead of its time  - CTV (CA)
  5. Bell's fall/winter lineup adds Arnett comedy, drops Screen Award-winning 'Bria Mack'  - CTV (CA)
  1. How a dare between mates birthed a replica Leaning Tower of Pisa  - ABC (AU)
  2. 'Diehard Australian' collection of a detective-turned-professional artist  - ABC (AU)
  3. Big Pineapple shining bright as state's big thing is back on show  - ABC (AU)
  4. Powderfinger joins live music lovers as popular Brisbane venue closes its doors  - ABC (AU)
  5. Could you beat a Hard Quiz contestant? Prove it. It's time to play, HARD!  - ABC (AU)
  1. Full House star Dave Coulier reveals secret meaning behind characters name  - NY POST (US)
  2. Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny and Justin Timberlake are struggling to sell concert ...  - NY POST (US)
  3. Drew Carey stunned as Price Is Right contestant makes show history with winning bid  - NY POST (US)
  4. Bad Boys: Ride or Die tops box office on opening day  - NY POST (US)
  5. Uber driver goes viral on TikTok for surprising riders with karaoke singalongs  - NY POST (US)
  6. Even if Bad Boys is a hit, Will Smiths comeback wont be easy  - NY POST (US)
  1. You're (still) a superstar: Nostalgia tours drum up big feelings and big money  - CBC (CA)
  2. Bad Boys 4 shouldn't ride — it should die  - CBC (CA)
  3. Woman who says Baby Reindeer character was based on her sues Netflix  - CBC (CA)
  4. Last spin: Long-time Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak's final episode airs Friday  - CBC (CA)
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