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  1. 'A study to give us hope': Lifestyle changes improve Alzheimer's symptoms for some  - CTV (CA)
  2. Optimism is just what the doctor ordered. But what if I’m already too negative?  - CTV (CA)
  3. Here’s how AI could aid in early Alzheimer’s detection  - CTV (CA)
  4. McMaster pediatric surgery chief says deaths after tonsil surgery 'very rare'  - CTV (CA)
  5. A drive for life: Mother drives Uber to educate riders on overdose prevention and ...  - CTV (CA)
  6. Common low-calorie sweetener linked to heart attack and stroke, study finds  - CTV (CA)
  1. Online professional education works for complex topics  - SCIENCEDAILY
  2. Antioxidant gel preserves islet function after pancreas removal  - SCIENCEDAILY
  3. Basic income can double global GDP while reducing carbon emissions  - SCIENCEDAILY
  4. Fat molecule's inability to bond with shape-shifting protein in cell's powerhouse ...  - SCIENCEDAILY
  5. Wildfire smoke reached 99% of U.S. lakes in 2019-2021  - SCIENCEDAILY
  1. Breast isn’t best for every mother and baby | Letters  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. Never write yourself off! 25 things I’ve learned about getting fit – after almost ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  3. How learning about the science of shyness helped me  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  4. ‘There’s a lot of bullying’: the shocking life of a teenage elite swimmer  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. Hundreds of cancer patients hit by NHS cyberattack as thousands of appointments ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  1. 'People are still being told even today to have a baby to cure endometriosis': New ...  - ABC (AU)
  2. Mum battling cancer facing homelessness again after rent reprieve  - ABC (AU)
  3. Little was known about the clitoris until quite recently  - ABC (AU)
  4. Danish architect noticed kids avoiding his parks. His solution? The risky playground  - ABC (AU)
  5. Has marriage become outdated in 2024? These Australians think so  - ABC (AU)
  1. UK E. coli outbreak most likely linked to food item  - BBC (UK)
  2. Antidepressant withdrawal affects one in six people  - BBC (UK)
  3. Ongoing disruption as junior doctors walkout continues  - BBC (UK)
  4. Man in Mexico dies with first human case of H5N2 bird flu  - BBC (UK)
  1. For Alzheimer’s patients, eating pomegranates could help alleviate symptoms, study ...  - FOX (US)
  2. Nebraska baby born with cataracts has 3 eye surgeries to save her sight: ‘I just ...  - FOX (US)
  3. Bird flu-infected cows have died in 5 states as experts closely monitor the disease  - FOX (US)
  4. Rare, sexually transmitted ringworm reported in NYC  - FOX (US)
  5. Drinking alcohol before sleeping on a plane could be dangerous, study suggests  - FOX (US)
  6. Medicine cabinet must-haves: 9 essentials every household should have on hand  - FOX (US)
  1. Could mandating nutrition labels on the front of food packages lower obesity rates?  - NBC (US)
  2. A dangerous new animal sedative is making its way into the illegal drug supply  - NBC (US)
  3. What to know about the first human case of H5N2 bird flu  - NBC (US)
  4. The FDA reverses ban on Juul e-cigarettes  - NBC (US)
  5. Common sugar substitute linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke  - NBC (US)
  1. 4 years later, COVID remains a year-round threat. Here's why this virus isn't ...  - CBC (CA)
  2. Accel, Mint and Pharmascience recall some drugs over efficacy test data concerns  - CBC (CA)
  3. People with back pain often shy away from movement. Getting in the water may help, ...  - CBC (CA)
  4. Scientist working on mystery N.B. brain condition claimed he was 'cut off' for ...  - CBC (CA)
  5. Mexico says patient died of chronic disease, not H5N2 bird flu  - CBC (CA)
  1. Teen’s gruesome murder finally solved after 58 years of mystery  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Karen Snider's gruesome murder case has finally been solved after almost 60 years. ...  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. Woman finds love after bacteria ate her limbs  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. In 2012, Aimee Copeland lost all four limbs in a zip-lining accident that resulted in ...  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  1. Trump claims credit for Biden’s insulin price cap  - CNBC (US)
  2. DOJ settles CityMD Covid fraud allegations for $12 million  - CNBC (US)
  3. The Covid-19 pandemic worsened a child care crisis, and it's costing U.S. businesses ...  - CNBC (US)
  4. FDA approves GSK's RSV vaccine for high-risk adults ages 50 to 59, expanding shot's ...  - CNBC (US)
  5. Waystar shares slip in Nasdaq debut after digital health company priced IPO in middle ...  - CNBC (US)
  6. Healthy Returns: Drugmakers release promising cancer drug data – and AstraZeneca ...  - CNBC (US)
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