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World News

  1. French election - live: Polls open for second round of high-stakes snap poll after ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  2. Biden dismisses concerns over debate performance and declines to undergo independent ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  3. At least 16 killed and dozens injured in Israeli air strike on Gaza school, ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  4. At least 14 people killed in Ukraine after oil truck collides with minibus  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  5. Judge declines to throw out charges against Trump valet in classified documents case  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  1. France's political future hangs in the balance as votes cast in final round of snap ...  - CNBC (US)
  2. Biden's TV interview fails to quell re-election concerns among lawmakers, donors and ...  - CNBC (US)
  3. New UK leader Starmer declares Rwanda deportation plan 'dead and buried'  - CNBC (US)
  4. Wall Street banks name 10 UK stocks to benefit from Labour landslide win  - CNBC (US)
  5. Southwest Airlines shareholders puzzled by Elliott's activism can look to past ...  - CNBC (US)
  6. Iran elects reformist Masoud Pezeshkian in presidential runoff vote  - CNBC (US)
  1. Germany’s first African-born MP to stand down after racist abuse  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. Fangs and toilet seat-shaped head: giant salamander-like fossil found in Namibia  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  3. Three people die after arrests at election protests in Mauritania  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  4. From conflict to the climate – what are the UK parties’ international plans?  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. France heads to the polls as centrists scramble to keep the far right from taking ...  - NBC (US)
  2. Israeli strike kills 16 at Gaza school, military says it targeted gunmen  - NBC (US)
  3. Life in the DMZ is getting more tense for the soldiers monitoring North and South ...  - NBC (US)
  4. Hezbollah launches barrage of rockets at Israel after senior commander killed  - NBC (US)
  5. Mother of Israeli hostage Noa Argamani dies weeks after daughter's rescue  - NBC (US)
  1. White House visit hints at troubling sign for Biden  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Washington neurologist at the White House, visitor logs have revealed. Picture: ...  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. Astonishing poll shows close US race  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. Poll shows close US race. Picture: AFP  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  5. ‘Getting ugly’: Tennis rocked by sad Andy Murray feud  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  6. Canva Andy MURray  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  1. French far right seeks vote win but deadlock looms  - BBC (UK)
  2. Israeli air strike on Gaza school kills at least 16  - BBC (UK)
  3. Biden interview fails to quell Democrat concerns over fitness  - BBC (UK)
  4. NFL rookie Jackson dies in car crash  - BBC (UK)
  5. She accused Assange of sexual assault, but is glad he’s now free  - BBC (UK)
  1. What's at stake for France and its president in Sunday's vote  - CBC (CA)
  2. Why it's so hard to get humanitarian aid to Gazans  - CBC (CA)
  3. Did the Supreme Court really just give U.S. presidents dictator-like assassination ...  - CBC (CA)
  4. Reformist candidate Masoud Pezeshkian wins Iran's presidential election against ...  - CBC (CA)
  5. England beats Switzerland in penalty shootout to reach Euro semifinals  - CBC (CA)
  1. 'This is their hard-earned money': The battle these workers face claiming their super  - ABC (AU)
  2. A youth HIV epidemic is spiralling in the Philippines  - ABC (AU)
  3. This Thai film has left audiences across South-East Asia emotionally devastated. But ...  - ABC (AU)
  4. Masoud Pezeshkian wins Iran's presidential election  - ABC (AU)
  5. An episode or a condition? Joe Biden addresses his disastrous debate as his future ...  - ABC (AU)
  1. Radio host who interviewed Biden says aides provided questions in advance  - CTV (CA)
  2. This Italian vacation hotspot is turning tourists away as it runs out of water  - CTV (CA)
  3. How France's Macron went from a successful political newcomer to a weakened leader  - CTV (CA)
  4. Reformist Pezeshkian wins Iran's presidential runoff election, besting hard-liner ...  - CTV (CA)
  5. Salvador's president threatens to use gang-crackdown style tactics against price ...  - CTV (CA)
  1. Reformist candidate Masoud Pezeshkian wins Iran's presidential runoff election  - FOX (US)
  2. As the Dalai Lama turns 89, exiled Tibetans fear a future without him  - FOX (US)
  3. Putin stresses peace only after Ukraine's surrender as Hungary's Orban makes surprise ...  - FOX (US)
  4. UK appoints anti-Israel justice minister as Muslims reject incoming Labour government  - FOX (US)
  5. Outrage over Biden allowing Iran’s terrorist-sponsoring regime to hold voting in ...  - FOX (US)

National News

  1. Dozens of juveniles detained in California after fireworks set off inside mall  - FOX (US)
  2. 'Worst Roommate Ever': True crime docuseries dives into deadly living situations  - FOX (US)
  3. Family of Jocelyn Nungaray grateful for Trump's support after girl’s alleged murder ...  - FOX (US)
  4. Search for Lake Michigan missing boaters turns to recovery mission  - FOX (US)
  5. Mob ravages California mini-mart during flash robbery near airport, shocking video ...  - FOX (US)
  6. Dead body found wrapped in sleeping bag on New York City sidewalk  - FOX (US)
  1. Starmer promises ‘immediate reset’ of relations with devolved governments as he ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. ‘We’ll push the government to be bolder’: Carla Denyer on election success for ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  3. Independent Muslim who beat Labour in Leicester says victory was not ‘sectarian’  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  4. Heavy rain could disrupt Sunday’s Wimbledon and British Grand Prix  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  5. Voter turnout at general election was lowest since 2001 – politics live as it ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. Judge Aileen Cannon grants Trump's request to pause some deadlines in classified ...  - CNBC (US)
  2. Biden's TV interview fails to quell re-election concerns among lawmakers, donors and ...  - CNBC (US)
  3. Biden's family trying to get more involved in campaign as long-simmering tensions ...  - CNBC (US)
  4. Tesla shares wipe out loss for the year with 27% rally this week  - CNBC (US)
  5. Biden defends mental health, vows to stay in race as House Democrats set weekend ...  - CNBC (US)
  6. Inflation will be in focus in the week ahead as stocks attempt to sustain all-time ...  - CNBC (US)
  1. Renters with disabilities live in fear of eviction. Now, this man with PTSD sleeps in ...  - CBC (CA)
  2. Small B.C. community embraces female hockey prep program for young players looking to ...  - CBC (CA)
  3. Calgary eases some outdoor water use restrictions  - CBC (CA)
  4. Edmonton doctor set to be first Canadian woman to become a commercial astronaut  - CBC (CA)
  1. Starmer appoints two figures from Blair and Brown era as ministers  - BBC (UK)
  2. Chris Mason: What can we learn from Starmer's first day as PM?  - BBC (UK)
  3. Fans to pay respects on Rob Burrow funeral route  - BBC (UK)
  4. Last two migrants bound for Rwanda to be bailed, home secretary says  - BBC (UK)
  5. British top three as Russell takes pole at Silverstone  - BBC (UK)
  1. Laid off from a high-paying job, this 61-year-old drives for delivery apps: 'I don't ...  - NBC (US)
  2. More heat records expected to be broken as dangerous temperatures hit both coasts  - NBC (US)
  3. Missing American teen who left cruise ship at German port has been found safe  - NBC (US)
  4. Amtrak services between New York and Boston resume after suspension  - NBC (US)
  5. 2 women charged in 'romance schemes' to defraud elderly men out of $7 million, feds ...  - NBC (US)
  1. LCBO workers rally in downtown Toronto on day 2 of historic strike  - CTV (CA)
  2. Terrorism charges laid against B.C. woman who married ISIS fighter  - CTV (CA)
  3. Holdover fire near Fort Nelson, B.C., no longer 'being held,' now 'out of control' ...  - CTV (CA)
  4. Environment Canada issues widespread warnings as intense heat wave settles over B.C.  - CTV (CA)
  5. Meet the students keeping Canada's war history alive  - CTV (CA)
  1. Single mother Liz Whyte was paying $175 monthly in insurance premiums, but one email ...  - ABC (AU)
  2. Two bodies found near rocks at Little Bay Beach in Sydney's south-east  - ABC (AU)
  3. Live: NSW Blues team to be named for Origin III after Roosters and Knights score ...  - ABC (AU)
  1. Bodies recovered at Little Bay, Sydney  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Cops block street after death of 60yo man  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. Search for missing Swansea boatie resumes  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. Searchers on Lake Macquarie. Picture: Channel 9  - NEWS.COM (AU)

Business News

  1. Struggles at Belfast’s Titanic shipyard reflect UK’s faded naval power  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. HMRC withheld offshore tax avoidance figures for UK’s wealthy during election  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  3. Meet Mercy and Anita – the African workers driving the AI revolution, for just over ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  4. Thames, Tata, Shein – it won’t be business as usual for Labour’s Jonathan ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  5. Prison reform experts hail role for shoe repair CEO James Timpson  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. Thousands of pounds of liquid egg products recalled by manufacturer: Should be thrown ...  - NY POST (US)
  2. USPS to increase the cost of postage stamps – again  - NY POST (US)
  3. America may soon be subjected to the countrys first DEI president: Kamala Harris  - NY POST (US)
  4. Target will soon stop accepting this form of payment  - NY POST (US)
  5. JPMorgan warns customers they may have to pay for checking accounts  - NY POST (US)
  6. Peter Thiel-backed Olympics on steroids looks to raise $300M  - NY POST (US)
  1. California family's $444 receipt from Trader Joe's goes viral on social media: ...  - FOX (US)
  2. 'TRAITORS': Musk calls for ultimate penalty for those opposed to requiring voters to ...  - FOX (US)
  3. Price of postage stamps to be raised soon, despite recent increase  - FOX (US)
  4. Thousands of pounds of liquid egg products recalled by manufacturer: 'Should be ...  - FOX (US)
  5. Ill-timed printed lottery ticket wins Nebraska woman $220,000: 'I don’t let the ...  - FOX (US)
  6. Chia seeds recalled as FDA issues highest possible risk level  - FOX (US)
  1. Tourist attraction loses $170k by going cashless  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Roman Baths in Bath, England. Escape 27 August 2023 Destinations - Solsbury Hill/Bath ...  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. ‘Want to cry’: Aussies hit by brutal tax debt reality  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. Uber announces major price change  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  1. Owe money for CERB? Here's how the CRA is getting it back  - CTV (CA)
  2. Summer jobs could prove tough to come by for students, according to latest job stats  - CTV (CA)
  3. Ontario judge authorizes sales process for The Body Shop Canada  - CTV (CA)
  4. Trying to sell or buy a home this summer? What a realtor says you should know  - CTV (CA)
  5. ...Marriage of convenience': Hudson's Bay Co. buying Neiman Marcus for US$2.65B  - CTV (CA)
  1. Remember the Rogers outage of 2022? Here's why 12 million Canadians were disconnected ...  - CBC (CA)
  2. Canadian unemployment rate rises to 6.4%, with student summer jobs especially hard to ...  - CBC (CA)
  3. Copper theft has been growing. The telecom industry wants tougher penalties  - CBC (CA)
  4. Thousands of LCBO workers on strike after midnight deadline passes  - CBC (CA)
  5. Hudson's Bay Company to buy luxury retailer Neiman Marcus in $2.65B US deal  - CBC (CA)
  1. GlobalFoundries races to find semiconductor talent as demand for chips soars  - CNBC (US)
  2. Saks Fifth Avenue parent HBC to acquire Neiman Marcus Group in $2.65 billion deal  - CNBC (US)
  3. Women’s soccer draws private-equity interest as team valuations soar  - CNBC (US)
  4. The five secrets to Ferrari’s success as a luxury brand  - CNBC (US)
  5. Nathan's hot dog contest crowns Bertoletti, Sudo after Joey Chestnut debacle  - CNBC (US)
  6. AI drive-thru ordering is on the rise — but it may take years to iron out its flaws  - CNBC (US)
  1. Why Starmer hired key-cutting boss as prisons minister  - BBC (UK)
  2. Reeves: 'There's not a huge amount of money'  - BBC (UK)
  3. Rachel Reeves: Who is the UK's new chancellor?  - BBC (UK)
  4. Faisal Islam: Labour must act now to reboot the economy  - BBC (UK)
  1. Business  - ABC (AU)
  2. Bernie Madoff's big mistake? Not setting up his Ponzi scheme in a country where the ...  - ABC (AU)
  3. As it happened: ACCC warns east coast could face gas shortfalls by 2027, ASX lower  - ABC (AU)
  4. A surge in hybrid sales has surprised automakers and sounded alarm for emissions  - ABC (AU)
  5. These houses in Sydney have sat empty for decades, but there's 'very little' council ...  - ABC (AU)
  6. 'First time in 167 years': Hospital chain flags shock split from major health insurer  - ABC (AU)
  1. Laid off from a high-paying job, this 61-year-old drives for delivery apps: 'I don't ...  - NBC (US)
  2. Amtrak services between New York and Boston resume after suspension  - NBC (US)
  3. Air travel is getting worse, passengers tell the government in their complaints  - NBC (US)
  4. S&P 500, Nasdaq post record closes Friday as jobs report raises Fed rate cut hopes  - NBC (US)

Tech News

  1. Android banking Trojan evolves to evade detection and strike globally  - FOX (US)
  2. Let's take your Windows PC's security to the next level with these simple steps  - FOX (US)
  3. Waabi's game-changing approach to self-driving trucks  - FOX (US)
  4. How drone light shows have become a Fourth of July tradition  - FOX (US)
  5. 20 tech tricks to make life better, safer or easier  - FOX (US)
  1. Amazon at 30: What next for 'The Everything Company'?  - BBC (UK)
  2. Samsung expects profits to jump by more than 1,400%  - BBC (UK)
  3. Jeff Bezos to sell another $5bn of Amazon shares  - BBC (UK)
  4. Japan declares victory in 'war' on floppy disks  - BBC (UK)
  1. Waka Flocka Flame disses Biden, tells supporters hell see them at the bingo game!  - NY POST (US)
  2. Peter Thiel-backed Olympics on steroids looks to raise $300M  - NY POST (US)
  3. I lost 30 pounds in a year — these 3 things were key to my success  - NY POST (US)
  4. MIT expert warns AI freaks against falling in love with hot chatbots: It doesnt care ...  - NY POST (US)
  5. Elon Musks X could see major fines in Europe as tech firms face crackdown  - NY POST (US)
  6. Mark Zuckerberg dons tux in July 4 surfing video while holding beer and US flag  - NY POST (US)
  1. Ionic liquids: 'don't shake it'  - SCIENCEDAILY
  2. Fresh wind blows from historical supernova  - SCIENCEDAILY
  3. Engineers find a way to protect microbes from extreme conditions  - SCIENCEDAILY
  4. Innovative battery design: More energy and less environmental impact  - SCIENCEDAILY
  5. A 2D device for quantum cooling  - SCIENCEDAILY
  1. Real criminals, fake victims: how chatbots are being deployed in the global fight ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. Tesla won’t free up use of its batteries, leaving owners unable to reap full ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  3. #ukpolitics: how the 2024 general election has played out on TikTok  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  4. Wimbledon employs AI to protect players from online abuse  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. Lost your phone? Here's how to track it down and recover your data  - CTV (CA)
  2. Earth's core has slowed so much it's moving backward, scientists confirm. Here's what ...  - CTV (CA)
  3. Bulgarian archeologists find marble god in ancient Roman sewer  - CTV (CA)
  4. High-speed hippos can get airborne, says new study  - CTV (CA)
  5. Modern grapes exist because the dinosaurs died out, new research finds  - CTV (CA)
  6. Entangled humpback whale in B.C. 'a really challenging' case, DFO says  - CTV (CA)
  1. Radio hosts say Biden's campaign aides provided questions before interviews  - NBC (US)
  2. Apple accepts Epic Games Store for the E.U. after facing a public callout from the ...  - NBC (US)
  3. Biden refuses to take a cognitive or neurological test in his first post-debate TV ...  - NBC (US)
  4. Deepfake creators sell nonconsensual video on ‘hidden’ websites that take Visa ...  - NBC (US)
  1. Man arms himself with sign in alleged road rage attack  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Special edition WRX will have the purists smiling  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. 2024 Subaru WRX Club Spec.  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. ‘Slap yourself’: Tesla act at Woolies slammed  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  5. The Tesla driver was slammed for a selfish act. Picture: Facebook  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  1. This weed buster is the G.O.A.T.  - CBC (CA)
  2. A boy needed stitches after swimming in a man-made lake in Montreal. Did a fish ...  - CBC (CA)
  3. #TheMoment 'the world's smartest chicken' was discovered in Canada  - CBC (CA)
  4. Could rat birth control work in Ottawa?  - CBC (CA)
  5. Coral reefs are vital lines of defence against hurricanes. But their future is in ...  - CBC (CA)
  1. Tesla shares wipe out loss for the year with 27% rally this week  - CNBC (US)
  2. Gox begins repaying bitcoin to creditors a decade after exchange's collapse. What it ...  - CNBC (US)
  3. Samsung shares hit over 3-year high after better-than-expected guidance on strong AI ...  - CNBC (US)
  4. Bitcoin slides to two-month low as Fed signals it's not ready to cut rates yet  - CNBC (US)
  5. Microsoft's Surface Pro is fine, but it isn't the AI device to change personal ...  - CNBC (US)
  1. Fitting farewell to 'Space Gandalf' who brought astronomy to the people  - ABC (AU)
  2. Did you see a series of mysterious fireballs fly through Melbourne's sky overnight? ...  - ABC (AU)
  3. Cold weather prompts warning to service gas heaters as house fires, poisoning linked ...  - ABC (AU)
  4. Major IVF clinic accused of using the wrong sperm asked to destroy thousands of ...  - ABC (AU)
  5. How would you feel about having a nuclear reactor in your backyard?  - ABC (AU)

Showbiz News

  1. Jon Landau, Oscar-winning ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’ producer, dead at 63  - NY POST (US)
  2. Actor, producer Judy Belushi-Pisano, widow of comedic legend John Belushi, dead at ...  - NY POST (US)
  3. Despicable Me 4 wows moviegoers in theaters, becomes No. 1 film in box office  - NY POST (US)
  4. Meet Gen Zs Madonna: Pops new superstar Chappell Roan speaks out about overtly sexual ...  - NY POST (US)
  5. Meghan Markle feels under siege as life is not going in the direction she planned: ...  - NY POST (US)
  6. Barbenheimer is dead — and Hollywood is back to making lazy sequels  - NY POST (US)
  1. What to know about Nikki Hiltz, the trans and nonbinary runner who’s Olympics-bound  - NBC (US)
  2. Jon Landau, Oscar-winning ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’ producer, dies at 63  - NBC (US)
  3. Fans think Taylor Swift's latest surprise song mashup was a lovestruck tribute to ...  - NBC (US)
  4. Brittany Mahomes is all bejeweled to attend Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ concert ...  - NBC (US)
  1. ‘I have an obsession with authenticity’: David Baddiel on growing up, golf and ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. Totally wired: Why are so many young people addicted to video games?  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  3. My friend David Hockney: Martin Gayford on the prophet of painting  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. Beverly Hills Cop: Netflix fans in hysterics at subtle dig at Eddie Murphy flop  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  2. Rob Brydon: ‘I knew Gavin & Stacey was coming back ages ago, but had to deny it’  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  3. Ben Hardy: ‘I wasn’t keen on getting my willy out to be perfectly honest’  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  4. Jon Landau, Oscar-winning producer of Titanic and Avatar dies at 63  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  5. Judy Belushi Pisano, actor and widow of John Belushi, dies aged 73  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  1. Media mogul Barry Diller weighs a bid to gain control of Paramount  - CNBC (US)
  2. NFL 'Sunday Ticket' streaming is coming to bars and restaurants this season  - CNBC (US)
  3. Paramount is hunting for a streaming partner, could kick off a wave of deals  - CNBC (US)
  4. YouTube dominates streaming, forcing media companies to decide whether it's friend or ...  - CNBC (US)
  5. Paramount+ to increase prices for its streaming plans  - CNBC (US)
  6. Advertising is now a 'meritocracy' in the wake of social media, Resy co-founder Gary ...  - CNBC (US)
  1. Jon Landau, Oscar-winning 'Titanic' and 'Avatar' producer, dies at 63  - CTV (CA)
  2. Injunction to keep Toronto's Revue Cinema open extended to October  - CTV (CA)
  3. Woman dies at Rolling Stones concert in Vancouver  - CTV (CA)
  4. Mukesh Ambani is set to throw a grand wedding for his son. Here's what to know  - CTV (CA)
  5. Alec Baldwin is about to go on trial in the death of a cinematographer. Here are key ...  - CTV (CA)
  1. Singer Sabrina Carpenter breaks UK chart record  - BBC (UK)
  2. Rob Delaney says he wants to die in same room as his son  - BBC (UK)
  3. Titanic and Avatar producer Jon Landau dies aged 63  - BBC (UK)
  4. Shania Twain surprises superfan, 81, at show  - BBC (UK)
  5. Man guilty of Holly Willoughby kidnap and murder plot  - BBC (UK)
  1. 'Cancel Your Gays' trend sees 2SLGBTQ+ characters disappearing from TV  - CBC (CA)
  2. Brantford, Ont., to honour hometown comedy legend Phil Hartman with mural  - CBC (CA)
  3. Kendrick's Not Like Us music video pits former Raptor DeMar DeRozan against Drake  - CBC (CA)
  4. How the University of Manitoba is decolonizing its art collection  - CBC (CA)
  5. Why Tom Green says he's 'glad' he got testicular cancer at 28  - CBC (CA)
  1. Nannas on the mend aim to prolong the life of clothes through free sewing lessons  - ABC (AU)
  2. The peak of the pandemic has long since passed — but live music is still struggling ...  - ABC (AU)
  3. It's time to flex your trivia muscle. Have you got what it takes?  - ABC (AU)
  4. Booktopia played an important role in supporting Australian authors, who are ...  - ABC (AU)
  1. Country singer Brian Kelley ‘so grateful’ to American heroes who fought to ...  - FOX (US)
  2. Elvis Presley's ex regrets not having baby with star: 'I was too stupid'  - FOX (US)
  3. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs returns to Instagram with video of private jet amid legal ...  - FOX (US)
  4. Jon Landau, Oscar-winning producer of 'Titanic,' 'Avatar,' dead at 63  - FOX (US)
  5. 'Jeopardy' champ was forced to re-record winning moment due to his 'huge reaction': ...  - FOX (US)
  1. TV star roasted for ‘unhinged’ Photoshop fail  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Teresa Giudice roasted for Photoshop fail in beach pic.  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. Aussie band share update on fan’s injury at gig  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. Bird Piche injured at Trophy Eyes concert.  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  5. 110 days: Pressure mounts on Meghan  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  6. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their Netflix docuseries. Picture: Netflix  - NEWS.COM (AU)

Sports News

  1. Euro 2024: England move on to semi-finals after shootout drama – live  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. Remco Evenepoel in bloom can put a Belgian back on top of Tour de France | William ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  3. Bukayo Saka rewrites his story to end latest tale of uneasy England success | Barney ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  4. Brian Lara: ‘West Indies have some of the best but talent isn’t everything’  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  5. Andy Murray’s two decades at Wimbledon – in pictures  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. Vikings' Khyree Jackson, 2 former high school teammates killed in car crash in ...  - CTV (CA)
  2. England into Euro semis after shootout win over Switzerland  - CTV (CA)
  3. Netherlands into Euro 2024 semifinal against England after beating Turkey  - CTV (CA)
  4. Canada beat Venezuela on penalties to reach Copa America semifinals  - CTV (CA)
  5. Last-gasp goal against Germany sends Spain to Euro 2024 semis  - CTV (CA)
  6. 'I don’t want to be the only': First female assistant coach in NHL hopes more doors ...  - CTV (CA)
  1. Desgagnés, Fafard, Philibert-Thiboutot set for Olympic tune-up at Diamond League's ...  - CBC (CA)
  2. England beats Switzerland in penalty shootout to reach Euro semifinals  - CBC (CA)
  3. Colombia, Uruguay secure Copa America semifinal spots  - CBC (CA)
  4. Trae Bell-Haynes released from Canadian Olympic men's basketball training camp  - CBC (CA)
  5. Russia says it won't send wrestlers to the Paris Olympics as neutrals  - CBC (CA)
  1. What mattered most in Bronny James' NBA summer league debut  - ESPN (US)
  2. Bronny takes in 'atmosphere' in 4-pt. Laker debut  - ESPN (US)
  3. Brazil boss takes 'full responsibility' for Copa exit  - ESPN (US)
  1. Live: NSW Blues team to be named for Origin III after Roosters and Knights score ...  - ABC (AU)
  2. Isaac Heeney's Brownlow hopes in strife after high hit as Saints stun ladder-leading ...  - ABC (AU)
  3. Warriors dudded after Salmon banned for dangerous tackle that went unpunished on ...  - ABC (AU)
  4. Aussie cyclist Matt Richardson has a triple gold medal ambition ahead of the Paris ...  - ABC (AU)
  1. 'Magic moments and resilience can lead England to history'  - BBC (UK)
  2. Toney's eyes and Hasselbaink influence - England's perfect penalties  - BBC (UK)
  3. 'Qualifiers are dangerous' - Raducanu bids for Wimbledon quarters  - BBC (UK)
  4. 'So much crowd energy' - Russell relishes three-way British fight at Silverstone  - BBC (UK)
  5. 'Togetherness is worth its weight in gold - England have it in abundance'  - BBC (UK)
  1. Legend’s plea as Latrell replacement named for NSW Blues  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Latrell Mitchell of the Blues looks on during game two of the men's State of Origin ...  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. Isaac Heeney ‘almost certain’ to be ruled out of Brownlow contention  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. Isaac Heeney gave Jimmy Webster a bloody nose after this incident.  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  5. St Kilda defender’s heroic disappearing act sparks mammoth upset over Sydney Swans  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  6. Dougal Howard disappeared over the fence.  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  1. Copa América semis set after Uruguay knocks out Brazil  - FOX (US)
  2. 'We can change our lives forever': England's shot at history still alive  - FOX (US)
  3. Copa América: Why Colombia's James Rodriguez could be the Player of the Tournament  - FOX (US)
  4. Cody Gapko sends Netherlands into Euro 2024 semifinal against England after beating ...  - FOX (US)

Health News

  1. 59 summer problems solved – from sunburn and sweating to wasps and wedgies  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  2. Head lice are everywhere. Are selfies to blame?  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  3. Do be a quitter! How I broke my exercise streak – and smashed my fitness goals  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  4. ‘Clearly, I have no rizz’: can a 60-year-old misanthrope polish up his pulling ...  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  5. Feeling exhausted? Here’s how to fight the weariness  - GUARDIAN (UK)
  1. Engineers find a way to protect microbes from extreme conditions  - SCIENCEDAILY
  2. Scientists discover new T cells and genes related to immune disorders  - SCIENCEDAILY
  3. Scientists map how deadly bacteria evolved to become epidemic  - SCIENCEDAILY
  4. Clever pupils don't need to attend academically selective schools to thrive, study ...  - SCIENCEDAILY
  5. Poor health, stress in 20s takes toll in 40s with lower cognition  - SCIENCEDAILY
  1. Alzheimer’s on mother’s side of the family could increase disease risk, study ...  - FOX (US)
  2. Men with spinal cord injuries become fathers thanks to rare fertility treatment at ...  - FOX (US)
  3. In Colorado, plague case confirmed in human, health officials say: ‘Must be treated ...  - FOX (US)
  4. Diabetes patients using Ozempic, other treatments instead of insulin have lower ...  - FOX (US)
  5. New Jersey man with epilepsy uses hand-painted seashells to help find a cure  - FOX (US)
  1. Starmer pledges to fix 'broken' NHS ahead of pay talks  - BBC (UK)
  2. Lucy Letby sentenced to 15th whole life term  - BBC (UK)
  3. NI records sharp rise in measles cases  - BBC (UK)
  4. Inquiry after butt lift patients are hospitalised  - BBC (UK)
  5. Maternity staff faced racism from colleagues - CQC  - BBC (UK)
  1. Public safety endangered by ‘toxic’ nursing regulator as staff ‘gaslighted’ ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  2. Wes Streeting vows to begin negotiation groundwork with junior doctors next week in ...  - INDEPENDENT (UK)
  1. Health risks linked to extreme heat linger even as temperatures drop  - NBC (US)
  2. Mosquito season is here — more than a third of states have detected West Nile virus  - NBC (US)
  3. 2 California sisters in ICU with botulism amid outbreak traced to home-canned nopales  - NBC (US)
  4. 4th case of bird flu linked to dairy cows detected in Colorado  - NBC (US)
  5. Ozempic may be linked to condition that causes blindness, but more research is needed  - NBC (US)
  1. Insane Sydney clubbing rule exposed  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  2. Silhouettes of group of people grooving on dance floor at a night club. (Pic: iStock)  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  3. New twist in ‘Ted Bundy’ case changes everything  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  4. The case has been solved after 51 years. Picture: Supplied  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  5. ‘Slow death’: Cult favourite seafood shop closes  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  6. ‘Slow death’: Cult favourite seafood shop closes  - NEWS.COM (AU)
  1. Investors want proof AI will aid drug discovery. Evidence may come in the second half  - CNBC (US)
  2. Novo Nordisk shares shrug off concerns over study linking weight loss drugs to rare ...  - CNBC (US)
  3. Healthy Returns: Brain implant company Paradromics launches patient registry ahead of ...  - CNBC (US)
  4. Can't understand your teenager's behavior? Psychologists have tips to offer  - CNBC (US)
  5. FDA approval of Eli Lilly's Alzheimer's drug cements our decision not to take profits  - CNBC (US)
  6. FDA approves Eli Lilly Alzheimer’s drug, expanding treatment options in the U.S.  - CNBC (US)
  1. In honour of her parents, Sarah is on an epic horse ride to raise awareness about the ...  - ABC (AU)
  2. Call for on-site psychiatric help for fearful teachers at centre of government, ...  - ABC (AU)
  3. 'I miss him': Son believes treatment at aged care facility 'shortened' his father's ...  - ABC (AU)
  1. Calls increase for heat limits in B.C. rental housing  - CBC (CA)
  2. Edmonton doctor set to be first Canadian woman to become a commercial astronaut  - CBC (CA)
  3. Distracting preschoolers with devices could cause trouble down the road, study ...  - CBC (CA)
  4. Paxlovid pricey for Alberta pharmacies to stock and tougher for patients to find  - CBC (CA)
  5. Concussion experts encourage CFLers to wear Guardian Caps, but say athletes shouldn't ...  - CBC (CA)
  1. Doctors excited about targeted prostate cancer therapy, but can't prescribe it yet  - CTV (CA)
  2. Stay away from hogweed: What you need to know about these pesky and dangerous plants  - CTV (CA)
  3. Plague is among the deadliest bacterial infections in human history. Cases still ...  - CTV (CA)
  4. Spina bifida patient says Montreal hospital staff twice offered MAID unprompted  - CTV (CA)
  5. Instant noodle products sold in B.C., Alta., Ont. recalled due to undeclared peanut  - CTV (CA)
  6. Kris Jenner learns her ovaries will need to be removed because of tumour on 'The ...  - CTV (CA)

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