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Videomass - Video Editors (Basic) Updates 05-30-2024
Videomass is a multifunctional, multitasking front-end for FFmpeg and yt-dlp, it was designed for people who need a GUI to collect custom presets and profiles and to facilitate the application of specific video and audio filters or automate the conversion/transcoding processes even in batch mode. It features graphical tools for viewing, analyzing, filtering and processing multimedia streams with the additional ability to downloading audio/videos via yt-dlp. Videomass is Free (libre) Software, created and maintained by Gianluca (jeanslack) Pernigotto; it was written in Python3 using the wxPython4 toolkit; it is cross-platform and works on Linux, MacOs, Windows and FreeBSD. The Videomass logo and artwork were created by Gianluca (jeanslack) Pernigotto.

Latest version 5.0.14 – 30/05/2024

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Videomass Portable for Windows 64-bit

Version 5.0.14 – 30/05/2024

Videomass for Mac 64-bit

Version 4.0.1 - 03/05/2022

Videomass for Linux 64-bit

Version 5.0.14 - 30/05/2024

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