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Lightworks - Video Editors (Advanced-NLE) - Update June 7, 2024
The #1 Video Editing Software for You - Unleash your creativity with powerful and versatile video editing. From YouTube to Hollywood, Lightworks empowers video editors at any skill level. The Lightworks Journey - Lightworks isn't just video editing software. It unlocks your potential as a video editor. A unique journey crafted for all levels, empowering you to create stunning videos that match your vision. No prior experience or technical expertise needed, just the courage to make your first cut.

Latest version 2023.2.146471 – 07/06/2024

Freeware - Trialware:
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Lightworks Installer for Windows 64-bit

Version 2023.2.146471 – 07/06/2024

Lightworks Installer for Mac 64-bit

Version 2023.2.146471 – 07/06/2024

Lightworks Installer for Linux 64-bit

Version 2023.2.146471 – 07/06/2024

07.06.2024 ⏱ 16:23
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