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IINA - MacOS Video Tools Updates 05-31-2024
For and only for modern macOS. - IINA is born to be a modern macOS application, from its framework to the user interface. It adopts the post-Yosemite design language of macOS and keeps up the pace of new technologies like Force Touch, Touch Bar, and Picture-in-Picture.
- Based on mpv, which provides the best decoding capacity on macOS
- Designed with modern versions of macOS (10.15+) in mind
- All the features you need for video and music: subtitles, playlists, chapters…and much, much more!
- Force Touch, picture-in-picture and advanced Touch Bar support
- Customizable user interface including multiple color schemes and on screen controller (OSC) layout positioning
- Standalone Music Mode designed for audio files
- Video thumbnails
- Online subtitle searching and intelligent local subtitle matching
- Unlimited playback history
- Convenient and interactive settings for video/audio filters
- Fully customizable keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and gesture controls
- mpv configuration files and script system for advanced users
- Command line tool and browser extensions provided
- In active development

Latest version 1.3.5 – 31/05/2024

Free software:
OS MacMac

IINA Installer for Mac

Version 1.3.5 - 31/05/2024

01.06.2024 ⏱ 12:26
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