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Xreveal - Update June 13, 2024
Xreveal is a free DVD and Blu-ray decrypter that runs in the background and decrypts DVDs/BDs on-the-fly so your copy program can read it.
Xreveal is a research project and has an interoperability purpose, it doesn't contain any decryption keys, it is based on the official public AACS specification only. You need a key database to make it work.
Remove Blu-ray AACS protection; - Remove UHD AACS protection; - Remove HD DVD AACS protection; - Remove BD+ protection; - Remove BDAV protection; - Remove DVD CSS protection; - Remove CPRM protection; - Remove CPPM protection; - Remove CD Digital Audio protection; - DVD subtitle transparency; - Blu-ray players region reset; - Rip to ISO file; - Rip to folder; - Localizations for 13 languages; - Native App for x64, x86, and ARM64 architectures.

Latest version 2.6.5 – 13/06/2024

OS WindowsWindows

Xreveal Installer for Windows

Version 2.6.5 – 13/06/2024

Platform x64/x86/ARM64

15.06.2024 ⏱ 19:33
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