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Subs Factory - Update June 20, 2024
Subs Factory makes subtitling easier ! It is a powerful utility designed to perform the creation, modification and resynchronization of subtitles efficiently. Featuring advanced functions, it allows you to do whatever you want with your subtitles.
- Creation, deletion and modification of subtitles (text, duration, timing, size, color,...).
- Very simple resynchronization by choosing two reference subtitles.
- Automatic translation in more than 100 languages (requires In-App purchase - free trial).
- Changes can be immediately viewed on video.
- Wide range of video codecs accepted.
- Powerful timeline displaying subtitles and audio waveforms.
- Working with keyboard only is easy, due to numerous shortcuts.
- On-the-fly subtitling-standards compliance checking (with modifiable settings).
- Split and merge subtitle files.
- Subtitles extraction from video file (SubRip/SRT tracks only).
- Advanced search and replace function.
- Text encoding management.
- Transformation of plain text into subtitles.
- Open several subtitle files side-by-side (eg. for resynchronization or translation).
- Open and export .srt (SubRip), .sub (MicroDVD, subtitles indexed by image number), .txt (plain text) or .tsv (compatible with most spreadsheets) files.
- Creation of custom export formats.
- Full Touch Bar support.
- Dark mode support.
- Complete video playback functions (including multitrack files, speed change and backward play).
- An user's manual is included (take a look).
- In english and french.

Latest version 2.8.0 – 20/06/2024

OS MacMac

Buy Subs Factory 2.8.0 for Mac

Version 2.8.0 – 20/06/2024

Subs Factory for Mac

Version 2.8.0 – 20/06/2024

20.06.2024 ⏱ 15:44
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