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ENIGMA 2 File-Commander

File Commander Version 6.3+git27368+409f214-r0 - 26.04.2019 - add workaround to show mvi files for boxes wich gabb…ing a black picture - FileList - use now lock on and lock off icons from skin - set uniform table for unit scaler, sort script choice… - show mvi files - [Console] add option to kill hanging script - add option to show completed task's message - run script in background added - show running jobs if fc is reopened - thx @ IPKay & all Dev's

Apr.26.2019 20:44

FileCommander 6.3-27302 - 20.04.2019 - fix double name in messagebox - fix create symlink - update progress value faster - parent directory in head text corrected - using virtual keyboard instead inputbox - add empty line under hash value - add choice box for multiselection action - setup enties sorted - option to change the buttons for list-navigation (left/right) - change the list side with the same button - show running jobs if fc is reopened - hx @ all Dev's

Apr.20.2019 10:27