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ENIGMA 2 YouTube-Plugin-by-Taapat

Youtube h1+git370+8b6ccec-r0.0 - 2018.09.29 - YouTubeVideoUrl: use DASH video on all resolution (fix #42) It looks like youtube is no longer using mp4 video also in resolutions less than 1920x1080 in many clips. I hope there are no active images that does not support set suburi via service reference path string - YouTubeSearch: fix suggestions on OpenPLi develop - Add aditional function processSelect witch replace okClicked on OpenPLi develop - YouTubeVideoUrl: fix extraction, thx dstftw (fix #40) - YouTubeVirtualKeyBoard: use also "prompt" in updateSuggestions - FR translation 2018-06-25 (#38) - French translation for YouTube plugin. - Create + Update sk.po (#37) - Slovakian translation for YouTube plugin. - Create it.po (#36) - Italian translation for YouTube plugin. - YouTubeVirtualKeyBoard: try fix GSOD if youtube search is not available - This is try to fix #35 I have not able to repeat this, but it seems that if youtube search in the web is not available, then the suggestions are delayed and updateSuggestions are called after closing the YouTubeVirtualKeyBoard window. I hope this could fix this error. - Update hu.po (#34) - Hungarian translation for YouTube plugin. - Create bg.po - Bulgarian translation for YouTube plugin. - YouTubeSearch: intruduce HelpWindow move - YouTubeSearch: remove functions showHelpWindow and hideHelpWindow help window.instance always exists, so no need check for this to hide or show help window. Remove functions with this check and use help window.instance.hide() or help instead of these functions. - YouTubeSearch: use Exception for HTTPConnection exceptions. Fix #32 - YouTubeVideoUrl: try fix live streams extraction - YouTubeVideoUrl: add 300 and 301 HLS format - thx @ Taapat

Oct.03.2018 14:38

youtube h1 + git372 + 3d57ef0 r0.0 - 07.11.2018 - [youtube] Add another JS signature function name regex - [facebook] Fix tahoe request - [cliphunter] Fix extraction - [youtube playlist] Add support for - [zattoo] Arrange API hosts for derived extractors - [youtube] Add fallback metadata extraction from videoDetails

Nov.12.2018 00:39

youtube h1 + git376 +c8077fb r0.0 - 19.11.2018 - [translation] Portuguese translation for Youtube enigma2 plugin - update - Estonian update (#44) - Update language files - Implement downloaded file merge. Use FFmpeg to merge downloaded DASH video and audio files. By default disabled to not install FFmpeg without reason, who takes up a lot of space. When change settings it is suggested to install or remove FFmpeg. - thx @ Taapat

Nov.19.2018 23:12

youtube h1 + git377 +c8077fb r0.0 - 22.11.2018 - translated new options (#47) - thx @ Taapat

Dec.11.2018 16:14

youtube h1+git379+3569d5f-r0.0 * GoogleSuggestionsConfigText: remove veriable suggestionsThreadRunning - Use variable suggestionsThread for thread running check. * GoogleSuggestionsConfigText: some sanity fixes in getGoogleSuggestions * GoogleSuggestionsConfigText: always get a suggestion for the last text - Also, if the text is changed when the suggestion thread running. * Revert "GoogleSuggestionsConfigText: fix thread status on exceptions" * GoogleSuggestionsConfigText: use quote for suggestion text - Accidentally removed on threading code changes. * GoogleSuggestionsConfigText: fix thread status on exceptions * Fix threading in GoogleSuggestionsConfigText - Looks like so far suggestions not obtained in independent thread and prevent text input if the internet connection is slow * Extract live HLS URL from player response, thx dstftw - Tis fix live stream extraction. thx @ Taapat

Jan.13.2019 16:09

youtube h1 + git389 + 5834a0c -r0.0 - 10.02.2019 - PEP8 fixes: remove spaces for keyword arguments in functions - No code changes. - YouTubeVideoUrl: add vp9 4k formats Now after these changes e2iplayer/exteplayer3@c5fec50 using exteplayer can play 4k content with vp9 codec on official openpli images. Thefore add vp9 4k formats. - YouTubeVideoUrl: small optimization in url definition - thx @ Taapat

Feb.10.2019 23:58

youtube h1 + git395 + 8027203 r0.0 - 11.02.2019 - YouTubeUi: use singleShot in timers - YouTubeUi: use timer to split ePicLoad instance deletion, thx athoik * Try fix segmentation fault on osmio4k. - Update id.po - Update Indoensian words (#50 & #51) - thx @ Taapat

Feb.18.2019 17:40

Youtube h1+git396+ec4d8c1 r0.0 - 19.02.2019 - Update hungarian translation - thx @ Taapat

Feb.25.2019 20:42

YouTube Plugin by taapat h1+git405+7ce18be-r0.0 - 24.06.2019

Jun.24.2019 23:37

YouTube Plugin by Taapat - 17.09.2019 - Fix in dutch translation *** thx @ Taapat

Sep.17.2019 23:33

YouTube Plugin by Taapat - h1 - git407 - 246e214 r0.0 - 26.09.2019 - Fix in dutch translation - thx @ Taapat

Sep.26.2019 22:49

YouTube Plugin by Taapat - h1 - git423 - 2ea2cbc r0.0 - 30.09.2019 -YouTubeUi: move the request limitation in extractVideoIdList … (Limit to 50 of videos at a time for videos list extraction is required in all cases)

Oct.01.2019 00:09