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ENIGMA 2 Virtual-Keyboard

New VirtualKeyBoard 1.6 - Update 19.09.2019

Sep.19.2019 22:38

New VirtualKeyBoard 1.1 - 13.09.2019 - available to use as alternative for system keyboard from the image and from other plugins. - -Windows layout. -all languages available without editing the code of the keyboard. -elegant style working with hd and full hd skin. -flexibility movement between keys. -Suggestions from google and stored search history. -shortcuts for easy typing: 1. yellow: switch between installed lanaguages - 2. blue: toggle focus between google suggestion,keyboard and history - 3. pageup: insert space - 4. pagedown: clear input text - menu:additional functions and for language downloads - info: help *** The plugin available with setting screen available under main menu-system the options available to switch between the system virtual keybaord and the new keyboard option for enabling google and history suggestions. *** install from telnet window: opkg install 1.1 all.ipk *** Thanks mfaraj57

Sep.14.2019 00:20

Virtual Keyboard Plugin 1.0 - 08.09.2019 - New virtual keyboard is new keyboard for enigma2 based on windows layout. The keyboard has a lot features in additions to google suggestion and search history as option. common languages are already installed but any world language can be installed from menu -some graphics and ideas based on e2istream virtual keyboard the keyboard for now designed to use by developers and image builders but do not try to replace the system because the system will not boot many shortcuts are avaliable,blue to to toggle between history and suggestion,button previous and nextpage to remove space new language can be installed from men to use the new keyboard just as the old keyboard from Screens. NewVirtualKeyboard import VirtualkeyBoard - Thanks mfaraj57 (some part of the code in the plugin is his own)

Sep.08.2019 23:45