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ENIGMA 2 OpenPLi-Skins

Skin openplusHD image OpenPLi 6.2 - 03.06.2018 - Test Lucek Sat

Jun.04.2018 02:25

OpenPli Skin - 28.05.2018 - OTTOMAN DREAMS MoD BY oktus image Open PLi6 - Test Lucek Sat

May.29.2018 00:32

enigma2 plugin weather b1.1 all - 28.05.2018

May.28.2018 15:21

AeonFHD mod by Sharp987 image OpenPLi v2.15 - Update 28.05.2018 -Besides being adapted to Open Pli 6.2 a lot of changes have been made in the skin. -The screens of the TMBD plugin are added. -In the screen infobar: added "Channel number" -In the screen secondinfobar: new weather forecast icons -Completely changed screen: ChannelSelectionRadio -Completely changed screen: MovieSelection -Fixed screen: NetworkAdapterTest -Changed screen: MediaPlayer -Changed screen: VirtualKeyBoard -Changed screen: SHOUTcastWidget

May.28.2018 15:21