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ENIGMA 2 Biss-Feed-AutoKey

Biss Feed AutoKey Plugin 1.5 - 03.06.2019 --Plugin search Softcam.key directory and it's added to setting directories! --If No softcam.key in STB, Plugin will show a massage in setting! --Fix picon of satellite --if user and pass are defined in webif setting, a warning massage will be appeared. --Animated Channel name, sat and freq --Fix some bugs - Next update: In next version, we will try to improve search in database by plugin! Also we will try to add keyboard to plugin for Manual mode

Jun.04.2019 00:26

Biss Feed AutoKey Plugin 1.1 - 16.05.2019 - Fix bug regarding to DVB-C & DVB-T Frequency - Important Tip: In some Countries, user must use VPN to see #CW - thanks to jenseneverest

May.16.2019 18:07