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ver. 11.34 - updated enhanced weather translations: sk, cz, en, et, lt - updated pl, sk, cz, ru, de, it, uk, pt, tr, es, fa, al, ro, hu, nl, et, lt - updated help translations: sk, cz, lt, ru - help updated in download menu - INFOBAR: removed - Simple base infobar - INFOBAR/EXTRA INFOBAR - removed - Date format - INFOBAR: added - Date format - INFOBAR: added - Standard Infobar type (including def. Simle base infobar) - EXTRA INFOBAR: added - Date format, Channel name (color), Event now (color), Event next (color) - OTHERS: added - Ignore leading 0 in time - INFOBAR: added - Standard Infobar type - Standard2 - fix channel number calculation - static - MENU: added - menu type - with PIG2, with PIG3, with PIG4 - updated in download menu - Menu icons big - fix date format parser - added support and detection of DVB-S2X system - TUNER: added - Hide tuner in standby or missing - added Extra Infobar 54 - added support for DM900UHD - OTHERS: added Single EPG type: with PIG(+number, - OLED: added - oled type (DM900UHD, Vu+ 4k) - Classical, with ZZPicon - changed Location box to Dir browser for path setting of picons/icons - HDD: added type Auto (autodetection)

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