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VU+ Skin Slyk Q 1080 (Version 1.06) - last updated 30/12/2018 - ** Note due to openpli and openvix amending the virtual keyboard components and not making them backward compatible for anyone's skins, the simplest solution to this mess is just override the virtualkeyboard component in my skins. Therefore if you don't want to override their new virtual keyboard. Then don't install my skins. ** This skin will only work on newer builds due to the new button codes being used. *** V1.01 - fixed the bootloop *** V1.02 - fixed the missing graphics for the select bars. *** v1.03 - fixed misaligned vertical epg label (openatv) *** v1.04 - fixed missing template on vix menu. What's New: - Every screen has been totally rewritten. - New layout to be similar as possible to the latest Q firmware - New sharp 1080 graphics. - Much wider channel select ideal for IPTV. - New Picon component to auto resize picons smoothly. Therefore only one set needed. 220x132 or 400 x 240 - New Toppicks / separate IPK needs installing. - New Movie Planner mod - combined the 720 and 1080 into one file so no need to source the correct one - Seperate Install - Added in a few screens that were missing in previous skins. - Combined all my custom components so there is not individual ones for each skin. - Quick switch between 12 or 24 hour times by editting /usr/share/enigma2/slyk-common/timeformat.txt. Time = 12 / Time = 24