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  CerX Full HD Skin mod v2.1 all (*.ipk) - 02.06.2020 - Requirement: - Latest VTI image version including all updates - The latest version of the Advanced Event Library should be installed. - Latest version VWeather3 should of course be installed for the weather skin parts. *** Changes update: - Star colors and fonts can now be changed in all color styles. But only works in the standard font - Fixed fluid skin part - Fixed SecondInfobar - GMEPG only as skin part and revised *** Content: different styles as skin parts - Tuner, CAM info, weather, cover, stars in the info bar can optionally be activated as a skin part (deactivate cover for SIB users) - various skin parts with previews - Colors of the extra data and rating stars can be changed as a skin part - Primetime can be set in the CerxFHDMod menu (thx @schomi) - Wetterv3, EMC, GMEPG are skinned - Bugfixes