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  X-STREAMITY - Multi Xtreams Playlist Player 2.18 (*.ipk) - 16.06.2020 - General: Fixed searching then downloading crash Fixed a general threading bug, where the interface was trying to be updated from a thread and not the main thread. Removed xmlttodict library as no longer used Changed xmltv file download check - to be earlier than today, rather than 24 hours ago. Therefore xmltv epg will always download the first usage of the day. *** Dreambox specific: Made all code python 3 compatible Made a channel list dreambox specific skin file for better layout (dreamos/categories.xml) Fixed a general Recording bug. Should be able to record now without a crash Removed my custom owibranding file used as a DreamOs identifier and now use an alternative method. *** Not added: Sorting by rating - doesn't work as expected. Switching stream to 1 or 4097 to allow recording - user needs to manual switch stream type if they what to instant record.