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  Plugin WLED Flash Tool - Dreambox OE2.5/2.6 - 04.06.2020 - WLED Flash Tool is a plugin with which you can easily flash an ESP8266 or ESP32 with the WLED software. WLED is a program with which you can control LED stripes for ambilight, lamps, decoration, events etc. On enigma2 receivers especially suitable for Enigmalight and Hyperion. Flashing and operation via USB, with Hyperion with the One operation also via WiFi. is used for flashing. Load and install the software packages suitable for your receiver. Connect a Wemos D1 Mini, NodeMCU ESP8266 or ESP-32 board to USB. Start the plugin, now you can select and release any release version of WLED in the plugin. An update check is built in, so that you will be informed when there are new ones. Save 'Custom Builds' in / media / hdd / WLED, these are then offered for flashing in the plugin. Flash ESP8266, and bootloader for ESP32 Flash the xxx ESP32xxx.bin to ESP32. With 'RED' (reset) you can delete the flash. If you experience problems, run this command before trying "write flash" again. (Note: This will delete all settings saved on the ESP!) You can flash anything and at any time, settings are not lost. Of course, if you flash a version that doesn't match the board or the stripes, nothing will light up. In the file name of the release files you can clearly see for which board and for which stripe type the file is to be used. If nothing is specified for the stripe type, WS2812b compatible stripes are to be used. If the file name apa102 contains APA102 compatible stripes, etc. If your stripe type is not available, you have to compile yourself.