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  SeasondreamNG Plugin 3.0.20200331b aòò (*.ipk) - 24.05.2020 - Added the ability to enter your own YouTube key - uninstall before installation: opkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-seasondream-ng killall -9 enigma2 - for example, after installation, enter 123 and press the green button close the plugin and paste the following text into telnet: /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/SeasondreamNG/control/adult content enable *** /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/SeasondreamNG/control/adult content pw remove *** When you re-enable the plugin, use the blue VK icon to search for videos the yellow button switches the keyboard to EN type the text you are looking for, for example ..... lp lost to you you can switch to the recommended results with the blue button press the green button to confirm the search play the found clips with the OK button