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JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 4.14 - updated 16.06.2019 - A plugin to allow the easy creation of bouquets for IPTV playlists. You can also select the individual categories to create the bouquets for. No need to import hundreds of channels that you do not need. * not compatible with older version of v3.16 and below of Jedi Maker Xtream.* * please delete any bouquets created with old version - and completely uninstall old plugin before installing new * - Includes all fixes mentioned in the last couple of months. -Fixed the crash on any image other than openatv, by removing the vertical epg references. -Catchup can be triggered (hopefully), with Fav, Pvr, List, FileList, Record List or Stop button - OpenATV 6.3 (PVR Button) - Pure2 6.2 (PVR Button) - OpenBlackhole 4.2 (PVR Button) - Blackhole 3.0.9 (Stop Button) - VTI 14 (Stop Button) - Vu+ OI 3.0 (Stop Button) - openvix 5.2.041 (PVR Button) - OpenPli 7.0 (PVR Button) - OpenDroid 6.8 (PVR Button) - OpenESI 8.5 (PVR Button)