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  GSKY V7 HD newest upgrade software for Africa/Asia/Europ.The software was released in July 26th,2017. Africa/Asia/Europ customers can download this software and upgrade to your GSKY V6 receiver to test. - Realease Date: 2017-07-26 - Software Version: V20170720 - Added new function: 1. Add Auto biss function (Auto biss need internet connection); Just connect your GSKY V6 box with internet, when watch Biss channels will automatically send data to server and server calculate out cw return to box to descrambler that BISS channel; (no need manually input biss key) - 2. Add Biss key QR code scan function. (when GSKY receiver did not connect internet, if biss channel not open will pop up QR code, use Androd mobile phone "DVBFinder" apk scan the QR code will get biss key, input the biss key will open channel) - 3.Added DVBFinder function,With this function, you can use “GSKY STB + Android mobile Phone” to adjust the satellite antenna signal strength ,or to find the satellite that you need to receive. - Note: When you upgrade the software to your GSKY receiver,if you want to keep the data(Satellite/Channel/keys) for your box,please select upgrade mode to "Software only",don't select "All mode".