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  E-Channelizer by Sayyid A. - 28.04.2020 - Various bug fixes. - New App logo and fresh look. - New Store for channels, playlists & EPG providers. - New 10 EPG providers (worldwide free sources). - New 10 channels providers (Enigna2 man-settings). - New 01 playlists provider (free-to-air IPTV). - Load channels and playlists from recent files, store & boxes. - Cache the downloaded data for a selected period. - Assign XMLTV EPG to DVB channels. - Assign EPG from multiple providers at once. - Restore default EPG of IPTV channels. - Display EPG provider & ID assigned to every channel. - Schedule auto-updates of Store providers. - Activate/deactivate Store providers and sources. - Allow custom EPG providers with multiple sources. - Allow local or network path of EPG sources. - Export selected IPTV groups to Enigma bouquets. - Improve loading of misformatted Enigma files. - Improve and speed-up EPG assignment. - Support CrossEPG plugin along with EPGImport. - Select EPG plugin from the box profile. - Delete other EPG sources when writing to box (optional). - Update the Dutch translation (thanks to Clemens). - Update the German translation (thanks to Halo). - Update the Italian translation (thanks to Satrunner). - Update the Lithuanian translation (thanks to Vytenis P.). - Update the Norwegian translation (thanks to Seagen). - Update the Russian translation (thanks to spartak73). - Update the Slovak translation (thanks to EnoSat). - Update the Spanish translation (thanks to titovich). - Update the Swedish translation (thanks to Seagen). - Some channels are duplicated when importing bouquets.