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  Plugin - CCcam free server downloader Zoom - 09.05.2020 - install from curl menu: downloads servers to /etc/CCcam.cfg - MENU 1: server 2. Download multiple servers 3. Install curls from the menu 4.restart CCcam 4.converter pro Oscam CCcam.cfg ......... oscam.server 5.Save (cfg) 6.view save (cfg) 7.return (cfg) real (cfg) 9. Install another plugin 10.reinstall do Softcam downloaderu 11. Switch the downloader to the light version 12. Uinstall Downloader *** MENU2 red button: download individual servers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, ....... - yellow silent button download all servers - red button visible to download all servers - zero download button plus conversion for oscam - thanks BextrH