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  AltDVB version v2.3 – Mr. Orbita Edition - 04.01.2020 – added support for HEVC – added support for AAC,AAC-LATM and EAC3 – added support for EVR – Enhanced Video Renderer – experimental built-in support for PLS and MIS.Currently only for TBS devices using my Dev – simplified directshow config – portable: doesn’t use registry to store settings, run as standard user (without admin rights) – new version of, used directly, does NOT need to be registered in the system using regsvr32.exe – added support for “internal” directshow decoders (only LAV filters, for now) – some optimization in TS packets demuxer & A/V stream path – removed some unused/obsolete features (SDX files & coverage images,…) – new directory structure.(files from dir. [SatFiles] moved to Channels, Configs, Transponders) – new file format for channel list. – new file format for transponders with saving informations about signal – channel search by name moved above list – new options for better filtering channel list – introduced kHz precision for frequencies – external config file for CA names – added more MODCODE’s and Roll-off values – fixed a lot of bugs, added new ones *** Old Non-BDA interfaces: * New: Dev TTBudget.dll – need drv. 2.19h (28.11.2006) – you have to copy “ttlcdacc.dll” (ver. >= into ..AltDvbDevices – tested with S2-3200 * Dev SkyStar2: – fixed DiSEqC command when using driver >= 4.4.0 – built without VCL