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  enigma2 plugin extensions youtube h1 git 556 618f008 r0.0 all (*.deb) - 31.07.2020 ● YouTubeVideoUrl: fix sigfunc name extraction, thx dstftw ● YouTubeUi: also shows video id at extract error (On error users are able to take a screenshot but are unable to specify the video in which such error occurs.) ● YouTubeVideoUrl: try fix age gate detection, thx random-nick ● YouTubeUi: fix error string format in getVideoUrl ● YouTubeUi: fix Russian search language display in settings (Before that, the country was displayed, not the language.) ● YouTubeUi: get search region and language from enigma (Use the search region and language from the enigma so you don't have to translate and maintain them. This allows you to use all countries and languages for which a particular image is available.) ● Update language files after language removal