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  RussianMediaPark version 29.4 (*.ipk) - 30.07.2020 - Yohoho searching completely fixed by adding Videocdn balancer. - Added Kinoteatr.Videob resource to Search button with red button previously removed. Now this search is complete - Kinogo.By resource works, in any case I did not find any bugs, you will find, report - little corrections So at the moment I have thoroughly checked, corrected if necessary and fully working: a) YouTube playlist menu and other links b) two types of red (Search button) and blue (Yohoho button) (find errors, report) are fully functional 1. Resources from ipitv - Ferry.TV 2. NTV.Show resource 3. Kuvalda.Tv resource 4. Resource Hdrezka.Ag 5. Resource Hdkinoteatr.Com 6. Documentalkino.Net resources 7. Makeline.Com resource 8. Baskino.Co resources 9. Baskino.Top resources 10. Kinogo.Eu resources 11. Kinogo.Cc resources 12. Kinogo.By resources 13. FilmiHd.Ru resource