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Satellite Receivers 1506TV
Satellite Receivers 1506TV
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SunPlus 1506TV New Software 08.09.2022
Posted: 25 Sep 2022

1506TV Gprs Dscam Goda Ecast V11.08.16 - 11.01.2022 *** Software Installable for Below Hardware with Wifi Support of RT5370: Sunplus 1506tv 4MB - Sunplus 1506fv 4MB - Sunplus 1506hv 4MB *** For DSCAM, GODA, VLINE SERVER, SmartCam Server - EVISION IPTV - Internet Connectivity Status Will Show on Signal Info bar - Ecast - Wifi, GPRS, 3G USB Cable Network - Youtube Ok - Customer Id: 1352FF320600.
Posted: 12 Jan 2022

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