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New version 2.1.9 KravenModFHD - 15.08.2019 - Changelog: - Infobar X1 now with DVB display - Fix infobar X1> dark icons are now taken over - Infobar no Picon now with DVB display - Fix infobar X2> dark icons are now taken over - Infobar ZZ1 position changed resolution - Fix SleepTimer Edit> Font position corrected - Thumbnails adapted

Aug.15.2019 23:35

New version 2.1.8 KravenModFHD - 14.08.2019 - Changelog: - Infobar ZZZ1 now with SNR-AGC display - Infobar X2 recording state can be selected again (record lights up, record flashes)

Aug.14.2019 23:09

New version 2.1.7 KravenModFHD - 11.08.2019 - Changelog:- Infobar no Picon now with 18 tuners and SNR-AGC display - Infobar Z1 now with 18 tuners - Infobar ZZZ1 now with 18 tuners - Tuner selection in the plugin removed because now no longer necessary - Tuner .png removed because no longer needed - Thumbnails adapted

Aug.11.2019 23:09

New version 2.1.6 KravenModFHD - 09.08.2019 - Changelog: - neue Infobar ZZ1 mit 18 Tunern und SNR-AGC Anzeige - neue Infobar ZZ4 mit 18 Tunern

Aug.10.2019 00:41

New version 2.1.5 KravenModFHD - 06.08.2019 - Changelog: - Fix Infobar X1 (Font size for Event Now was not accepted) - Icon Vertical shot taken from the original Kraven - Fix Vertical setting Infobar X1 - Fix Vertical setting Infobar X2 - Polish language file removed (was in the original also no longer up to date and would have to be revised) - is not required for VTI - VTI EPG blacklist (screen name is now displayed) if the screen name is activated in the plugin> Thanks to Örlgrey - In the Chromium screens, the title was double> Thanks to Örlgrey - I still had bugs in my IPK script. - problem fixed

Aug.06.2019 23:44

New version 2.1.4 KravenModFHD - 31.07.2019 - Fixed (crash fixed when VTI EPG list was selected)> Many thanks to örlgrey - Channel list MiniTVPicon2 corrected. If the VTI EPG list was activated, the display was incorrect - Fixed crash in Infobar X1 - Infobar X1 AGC SNR display revised. Customized positions and font color.

Aug.01.2019 01:22

New version 2.1.1 KravenModFHD - 29.07.2019 - Changelog: - Infobar X1 now with graphical SNR + AGC display - Infobar X2 completely revised. Now with 18 tuners by default

Jul.30.2019 01:41

Kraven FHD Mod Skin Version 2.1.0 - 24.07.2019 - Changelog: - Task list screen adopted by KravenFHD (display should be fixed now) - Fast Scan Screen taken from KravenFHD - Fixed a bug in the cable scan screen - Fixed a display error with DVB-C and DVB-T2 in Secondinfobar and Infobar - Screen SAT> IP Client tuner configuration now skinned - Infobar X1 completely revised. By default, 18 tuners are always displayed by default. Tuner selection for Infobar X1 removed. - First, there is only the infobar x1 with 18 tuners. - XML structure adopted by KravenFHD

Jul.24.2019 22:14

Kraven FHD Mod Skin Version 2.0.14 - 03.06.2019 - Record State flashing tuner removed - all Infobars xml files edited> all TunerInfos revised - KravenModFHDRectuner is no longer necessary

Jun.04.2019 00:10

Kraven FHD Mod Skin Version 2.0.13 - 20.05.2019 - Converter revised again

May.20.2019 23:43

Kraven FHD Mod Skin Version 2.0.12 - 18.05.2019 -> Converter reworked

May.19.2019 02:01

[Skin] Kraven FHD-Mod version 2.0.10 KravenModFHD VTi - 14.05.2019 - überarbeitet

May.15.2019 01:40

KravenFHD Mod 2.0.7 for VTi - 05.05.2019 - fix the month display - Display errors in the movie selection "One-line list view" fixed - Fixed a crash with the Screen UserDialog - Screen InputBox now skinned - 2 unnecessary XML files removed

May.05.2019 23:48

KravenFHDMod 2.0.5 for VTi - 30.04.2019 - Changelog: -Fix in the

May.01.2019 02:11

KravenFHDMod 2.0.4 for VTi - 29.04.2019 - Changelog: - GMCode Weather Fix (GM code can be reintroduced) - Font adaptation in the car Sleep Timer Menu (font orientation) - Font modification in the channel list MinitTV Picon 2 (font orientation)

Apr.29.2019 15:56

KravenFHDMod 1.1.4 for OpenATV - 27.04.2019 - Changelog: - Converter revised and updated - Dolby Digital goes out at AAc - Second Infobar should respond faster - removed a converter - added golden menu icons again

Apr.27.2019 20:45

Kraven FHD Mod Enigma2 Skin Download for OE-Alliance Based Images Version 2.0.0 - 19.04.2019 -Warning: The skin runs now only on the VTI image from version 14 Openatv and Teamblue are no longer supported - Changelog: - VTI only - Constant widgets switched to panels. The skin can now be edited with the Openskin Designer. To first generate the skin normally. Then copy the directory KravenFHDMod from / usr / share / enigma2 into the Openskin Designer. The skin.xml, after editing, then copy to / usr / share / enigma2 / KravenFHDMod and reboot GUI. - Warning: If the skin is newly generated, the changes are no longer available.

Apr.20.2019 02:41