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AMIKO HD8260 Edision Piccollo v.2468 - 12.02.2019

Feb.12.2019 17:40

AMIKO HD8260 Edision 2.4.51 by Dekolte

Nov.15.2017 22:12

AMIKO HD8260 2.4.13 Edison by Dekolte - 23.05.2017

May.24.2017 00:51

AMIKO HD8260 Edision 2.4.05 by Dekolte - 15.04.2017

Apr.16.2017 00:37

AMIKO HD8260 2.3.90 Edison by Dekolte - 20.02.2017 - Update: Net Media Application - Tandberg - PowerVU

Feb.20.2017 20:08

Update: Net Media Application

Oct.10.2016 01:01

Sep.20.2016 12:31

What's new: 01. Updated Emulator 02. Updated Internet Application+edision 2.3.56

Aug.13.2016 13:14

PowerVU, Digea, ERT, SRG, Bulsat, BBC, Mezzo, Ant1 Europe, AFN, MU TV, MGM add new RCU... NETMEDIA: SUPER WEB TV LIST, Fix Youtube, Youporn, Weather forecast, EZ IPTV, BR.TV

Jul.18.2016 13:13

What's new :Power VU keys to key positions Spoiler Added: Option to manually enter the Power VU key in the key editor (works tested)Updated: Completely changed the function "Start channel", is now a separate item in the menu system...and it has a lot of good graphics 01. Updated Emulator 02. Updated Internet Application

May.08.2016 21:10

Apr.22.2016 20:19