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The TS-Doctor supports the recording formats of most DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T Receivers. So it makes no difference whether you receive your television programs by SAT, Cable or antenna, the TS-Doctor is the optimum tool for processing these files on a computer and bringing them into a compatible format. Receiver formats from Technisat, Atemio, Comag, Dreambox, Edison, Ferguson, Gigablue, Hauppauge, Humax, Kathrein, Loewe, Medion, Octagon, Opticum, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Schwaiger, Sony, Strong, TechniSat, Topfield, Triax, Vantage, VU+, Xoro are supported. The TS-Doctor offers an easy-to-operate cropping function and together with the automatic advertizing recognition feature, makes it child’s play to remove bothersome advertizing interruptions from TV recordings. The TS-Doctor checks and repairs your TV recordings and makes sure that they can be easily processed and displayed on today’s media players. It can also handle formats that other programs often cannot read. (TS,TS4,M2TS,MTS,M2T,DVR,REC,TP,TPR and much more) The TS-Doctor can also handle HDTV recordings. HDTV means high-resolution television with brilliant picture and sound quality. In spite of large data files associated with HDTV, the TS-Doctor operates very quickly and without loss of picture and sound quality. The TS-Doctor can drastically reduce the required file size by removing unneeded file content and filler data. Depending on the receiver and the format, reductions of up to 70% of the file size can be achieved while retaining the same picture and sound quality. Direct network access to UPnP devices, such as receivers from Technisat and Panasonic. The recordings can be downloaded and processed. Conversion of DVB subtitles into the more widely-used SRT text format. This makes TS Doctor one of the few programs that can convert DVB subtitles, including the colour information, into a text format. The simple, fast and lossless cutting of TS doctors can be used even for recordings of camcorders, if the recorder format using the TS, MTS or M2TS. This is the case for example for many models from Sony, Canon, and Panasonic.
Version 2.2.9 - 06.02.2019
- For longer recordings (3 hours and more), PIDs are now searched at additional places (extended PID scan) - For recordings of several shows in a row, the video is analysed for each show individually - Better result of the commercials detection via video analysis - Fix for some bugs in the video analysis procedure
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Version 2.2.9 - 06.02.2019
- Bei längeren Aufnahmen (3 Stunden und mehr) wird nun an zusätzlichen Stellen nach PIDs gesucht (Extended PID-Scan) - Bei Aufnahmen von mehreren Sendungen hintereinander, wird die Videoanalyse für jede Sendung einzeln durchgeführt - Bessere Schnittergebnisse bei der Video-Analyse - Fehler in der Video-Analyse behoben
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