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FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.5 - 08.08.2019 - Added three new servers CCcam in the main FreeServer script

Aug.08.2019 21:06

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.4.4 - 07.08.2019 - -Added three new servers CCcam in the main FreeServer script

Aug.08.2019 04:00

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.4.2 - 05.08.2019 - Added three new server

Aug.06.2019 13:29

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.4.1 - 04.08.2019 - -Update & fix bugs - Added new server

Aug.04.2019 23:27

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.4 - 03.08.2019

Aug.04.2019 22:48

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.3.2 - 20.06.2019 - New update based on request CCcam servers only without transfer. Thus, the Ncam servers will remain undamaged and rearranged and reorganized. The main script without the conversion process has been set up only CCcam servers. We can make it auto-update automatically. Down in the scripts folder and give it 755 chmod permission and use cron.

Jun.21.2019 02:21

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.3.1 - 19.06.2019 - Update scripts and remove all errors

Jun.19.2019 22:36

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.3 - 18.06.2019 - Update the servers in the script

Jun.18.2019 23:36

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.2.2 + boxbranding arm and mips - 15.06.2019 - The process of automatically updating the FreeServer script on the server works only in the Auto Update FreeServer mode. The update is set at 19.30 a day and can be modified - Time in the root file in the / etc / crontabs / root path

Jun.15.2019 22:30

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.2.1 - 13.06.2019 - The second version 4.2.1 is a supplement to version 4.1

Jun.13.2019 19:33

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.2 - 13.06.2019 - Two versions were created for the same first release containing update 3.1 only the script was changed and the file outils In the script file all the servers were screened and the servers were kept running and all deleted Dead links as the script became fast when it was run. Despite the weakness of the Internet I have a process The update takes only a few seconds You have set the auto-update for FreeServer script at 19.30 and the timing can be changed In the root file located inside etc / cron / crontab /

Jun.13.2019 19:32

FreeServer Enigma2 Plugin 4.1 - 11.06.2019 - The video link from webm to mp4 has been changed to solve the problem of reading the openesi image - Add the main script to the server with the possibility of Auto Update Add config.gcam to the server

Jun.11.2019 22:40

enigma2 plugin extensions freeserver 3.8 all (*.ipk) - 22.05.2019 - Mino6060 wrote: The new add mac address changer The add-on works on most modern images except openpli bh pureTo update the FreeServer 3.8 firmware The new add mac address changer The feature works on most modern images except openpli bh pure They are already available in modern photos but put them in the blog to gain time and bother searching for them I also put a secret code * and ** I mean the server does not give you another line only using vpn and change Your EPI ** means that the server uses double protection and to get the line If the script fails to fetch the line, we use openvpn to change the API and change The mac is studied so that the script can fetch the line of the site ifconfig -a | grep HWaddr

May.22.2019 23:13

enigma2 plugin extensions freeserver 3.7 all (*.ipk) - 21.05.2019 - fixed reported bugs and problems

May.21.2019 22:05

enigma2 plugin extensions freeserver 3.5 all (*.ipk) - 19.05.2019 - Add Gcam and also convert the cccam servers to Gcam servers - Add 10 new servers

May.19.2019 23:10

enigma2 plugin extensions freeserver 3.5 all (*.ipk) - 15.05.2019 - Fix the weight of the plugins when taking off the excess files

May.15.2019 23:14

enigma2 plugin extensions freeserver - 2019.03.15 3.3 all (*.ipk) - 23.03.2019 -Fix servers topamd -Add new servers -Add servers vpn free - to install openvpn: opkg update and opkg install openvpn

Mar.23.2019 22:53

enigma2 plugin extensions freeserver - 2019.03.15 3.2 all (*.ipk) - Fix servers -add new servers -gcam file ipk -conversion C LINE to GCAM servers

Mar.15.2019 19:59

enigma2 plugin extensions free server - 2019.02.03 3.0 all (*.ipk)

Feb.06.2019 00:11