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Glamour Aura FHD skin F.14 - update 21.02.2019 - for OpenATV based images version - Major recode for better stability and speed - New graphics lossless compression (smaller skin size) - Improved several icons visibility - Fixed several screens, including Blindscan - Fixed startwizards - Added more caids detection (i.e. 4B64-Samsung/TV Key) - Added support for more plugins (like Dreamexplorer etc). - Workaround for T2MI PLP ID detection for OpenATV images (they always return 0 for all DVB-S2 services, waiting for fix) - Began support for more OE-A images (starting with OpenDroid, more to follow) - New aura spinner REMINDER: MSN weather plugin and bitrate plugin should be installed for weather info and bitrate. - thx @ MCelliotG

23.02.2019 01:14