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HD GLASS 16 Version 11.77 (.ipk) - 06.11.2017 - updated pl, sk, cz, ru, de, it, uk, pt, tr, es, fa, al, ro, hu, nl, et, lt - fix/corections more of screens - fix devices label (USB,HDD) - restore cfg: changed to Dir browser with option to choose any .conf file to restore cfg - SETTINGS OF HDG: changed layout, removed function of blue and yellow button, splitted function of green and OK button, button OK aktivates function of some items, press green button to save cfg only - fix screen History - changed skin of all setup screens - DOWNLOAD MENU: new skin and the new method of download - you can select items to downlad and selected items are downloaded all at once, except items with mark *** Select *** this one are downloaded immediately after selecting - HDG SETTING: added current path displaying in directory browser
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