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E2 HD-GLASS16 (.deb) - ver. 11.56 - 24.02.2017 - updated enhanced weather translations: sk, cz, en, et, lt - updated pl, sk, cz, ru, de, it, uk, pt, tr, es, fa, al, ro, hu, nl, et, lt - help updated in download - fix autocenter of extra screens by enigma (all types) - added detection of Constant CW (after restore icons type will be set to default type 1, so after update and autorestore you must download icons and previews and then set/select your prefered icons type) - OTHERS: added Path to configuration file of HDG - CHANNEL SELECTION: added options - Service name font size,Service info font size, Line height, Extendted description font size - added new option: Reset all settings of HDG - OTHERS: removed options - EPG selection type, font event act. and next - added new section: EPG SELECTION - EPG SELECTION: added - EPG selection type, Extendted description font size - ENHANCED WEATHER/WEATHER: fix displaying of colors for warm and cold temperature (C <-> F) - ENHANCED WEATHER: added - temperature unit (C, F, from /etc/ewea city Code.txt) - enhanced weather - removed change units, added Select City - it is possible to add unlimited numbers of cities and choose for which will be weather displayed, all cities are stored in /etc/ewea city Code.txt
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