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HD GLASS 16 ver. 11.00 - 02.09.2016 - added detection of Ncam (after restore icons type will be set to default type 1, so after update and autorestore you must download icons and previews and then set/select your prefered icons type) - piconCam updated in download - weather: yahoo pressure autofix if yahoo generate wrong recalculate units - updated and added et translation (thx zeros, Henkka) to eWea - fix Find a city if is selected from main menu - added new option: Detection Progressive/Interlaced in resolution info line - updated pl, sk, cz, en, ru, de, it, uk, pt, tr, es, fa, al, ro, hu, nl, et, lt - help updated in download menu - fix Channel number calculation - added new Menu type: simply PIG - added all config values to translations
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