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ver. 10.75 * - fix standard infobar - added new section "TUNER" and options: Numbers of tuners, Active (color), Active in the background (color), Standby mode (color), Missing (color) - help updated in download menu - updated pl, sk, cz, en, ru, de, it, uk, pt, tr, es, fa, al, ro, hu, nl, et, lt - changed the routine to activate/deactivate selected screens changes by using the one skin.xml file with active screens only - enh. weather translation: updated en, sk, cz - added new options: Channel selection section - Description color, Description selected color, ForeGround color - added "Color sample" in setup if config item is color selection - removed option: "Enable setup of skin with PIG" from now enabled PIG only - added detection of Tandberg (after restore icons type will be set to default type 1, so after update and autorestore you must download icons and previews and then set/select your prefered icons type) - fix alpha and transparency at all extrascreens (1-88) OE 1.6 - 2.2(latest DMM)
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