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KodiLite Installer Version 1.0 (*.ipk) - Plugin KodiLite Installer for USB, External HDD and Normal Installation Version 1.0 - 10.06.2018 - Plugin enigma2-plugin-extensions-kodiliteinstaller is attached below. It can be used to install complete plugin KodiLite on a usb stick or external hdd - and also as normal in internal /Plugins/Extensions. After first time start of KodiLite - Exit and Restart enigma. Please note that any already installed KodiLite will be deleted. Installing KodiLite externally can make some operations faster and also useful for boxes with limited flash memory. Currently tested new/updated addons : (links in KodiLite ->Install addons -> KodiLite list) - - - - - play with streamlink - - play with streamlink - - - Spanish - - Albanian (mainly openload - needs pairing) - - Adult 18+ - - Adult 18+
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