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Plugin Autotimer 4.3.2 - 20.06.2018 - The autotimer is a plugin from the developer rizMO -An AutoTimer is a timer that is automatically set based on user-defined rules by this plugin. The main feature and the only one needed is a text search in the title of the program. Further are a predetermined period of time (you can also exclude whole days of the week), station restrictions and exclusion terms in title, description of the course or (full) description. -Via an easy-to-understand xml format or directly via the supplied GUI (to be found after installation in the menu "Games / Extensions"). Recently, in current versions of the WebInterface in combination with a current AutoTimer plugin, the configuration via the browser under Extras -> AutoTimer. -With the car timer you can so zb. Create Harry Potter as a car timer and put it on stations on all. So any movie that contains Harry Potter anywhere in the title will be included on all programs. Or specify the exact movie title and limit the autotimer to 1 or 2 shots. So you do not have to worry about when the favorite movie is running again, everything is done automatically in the background.
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Posted by Joe on 19.01.2019 - 00:08

IRIB Varesh  IRIB TV 3
- Badr 26°E
12265 H 30000 - FTA / Biss
11900 V 27500 - FTA / Biss
11881 H 27500 - FTA / Biss (DVB-S2)

- Intelsat 62°E
11555 V 30000 - FTA / Biss


Spanish - Primera Div. 1
15:15 Real Madrid CF – Sevilla FC
IRIB Varesh

English Premier League
17:30 Arsenal FC – Chelsea FC
IRIB Varesh

Asian Nations Cup
11:00 Jordan – 3rd Group A/C/D
14:00 Thailand – China

IRIB Varesh

Asian Nations Cup
17:00 Iran – 3rd Group B/E/F

Asian Nations Cup
11:00 Winner Group F – Runner-up Group E
14:00 Australia -Runner-up Group F
16:00 United Arab Emirates – 3rd Group C/D/E

IRIB Varesh

Asian Nations Cup
13:00 Winner Group C- 3rd Group A/B/F
16:00 Winner Group E – Runner-up Group D

IRIB Varesh

Portugal – Taça da Liga
19:45 Benfica – Porto
IRIB Varesh

Asian Nations Cup
13:00 Winner of match 37 — Winner of match 40
16:00 Winner of match 38- Winner of match 39

IRIB Varesh

Asian Nations Cup
13:00 Winner of match 43- Winner of match 44
16:00 Winner of match 42- Winner of match 41

IRIB Varesh

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