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NeoBoot by gutosie - 31.01.2019 - Supported boxes: et8500, SF4008, Ultimo4k, Ultimo, Zero, OSmini, Formuler F1, MBmini, Solo4k, Uno, Solo, Duo4k, Formuler F3, atemio6000, Uno 4K, Duo2, Solose-v2, Zgemma h7S, Miraclebox Micro, Uno4kSE, Duo, Solose, Octagon Sf8008, Miraclebox Ultra, Zero 4K, Solo2, Zgemma H9S **** The first neoboot installation**** Run the following command in the supported tuner terminal: --> opkg update --> opkg install curl --> curl -kLs https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gutosie/neoboot/master/iNB.sh|sh **** Another way to install, if the curl tool does not work correctly, then try the command: --> opkg update --> cd / tmp --> wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gutosie/neoboot/master/iNB.sh --> chmod 0755 /tmp/iNB.sh --> /tmp/iNB.sh