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DREAMBOX DDdemon OE 2.0 DM800 - Raccomandiamo di non fare aggiornamento software possibilmente mettere immagine in flash si ringrazia gli autori dei vari plugin skin patch etc etc ------------------------------------------------------------ We recommend not to do software update possibly to put image in flash we thank the authors of the various plugins skin patches etc etc ---------------------------------- New Blue Panel demonisat You'll find everything you need for the operation of the image to download from the panel demonisat put the DHCP automatically About to more than one satellite is set to expert enable multiple bouquets menu, settings, system, customize set of expert Per poter scaricare dal pannello demonisat dovete mettere il DHCP in Auto !! impostare su esperto é abilitare multiple bouquet menu,impostazioni,sistema,personalizzare impostare su esperto
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