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Cryptobox 650HDC MCAS V1.14.19994 - 17.10.2018 - 1. Add Orange card is now working 2. Disable set subtitle when search channel. There was a problem on CT channels on DVB-T 3. Add save PIN code for CI. 4. Add DLNA DMP. 5. Add Antik CZ fastscan. 6. Remove DVB-T LNB short message. 7. Add Norwegian language. 8. Add auto fastscan support for Antik. 9. Fix 752HD pixeling issue on DVB-T2 (H.264) channels. 10. Fix sometimes can't show EPG of PVR file (2x pressing info button) and it causes reboot STB. 11. Add T2-MI support for 7xxHD. 12. Fix STB switches itself to Radio mode when Skylink Fastscan was searched as second provider to FAV group and user tried switch channel 13. Fix screenshots while fast forwarding/rewinding HEVC recordings were not showed 14. Satellites on first positions on sat list were reordered.
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