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Changes : - Gstreamer 1.8.0 stable release - New PLi spring logo - Upgrade OpenVPN to 2.3.8 - Upgrade OpenSSH to 7.1p2 - Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.2g - Patched and bumped Python due to OpenSSL not supporting SSLv3 anymore - Upgrade Japhar-IPTV list to 1.6 - Upgrade rtmpdump from oe-alliance and let it provide librtmp as well - Upgrade ffmpeg to 3.0.1 - Patch for dvbmediasink from mx3L for writing PTS on every PES header This could possible fix some m3u8 streams freezing - Removed the patch for dvbmediasink which should fix seeking in some mp4 streams Since I couldnt reproduce the problem - Rewrote Dreambox kernel recipes which should fix certain models not booting - Fixed CrossEPG - Fixed very large Packages.gz on the server - Merged latest openpli-oe-core changes - Merged latest OpenPLi enigma2 changes - Lots of stuff I forgot...
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