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Aug/16/2019 08:16
UltraDefrag  7.1.3

UltraDefrag 7.1.3


Faster computer

UltraDefrag rearranges files on your disk so the operating system, applications and games perform much better.

Defragmentation of locked files

Sometimes Windows and applications lock files preventing their defragmentation. UltraDefrag runs in a special mode when Windows boots to defragment all the locked files.

Full customization

UltraDefrag can defragment either individual files or folders, or entire disks. You have full control on which files to defragment.

Automatic defragmentation

UltraDefrag defragments your disks automatically when your computer is idle, so you always have your computer optimized.
Version: 7.1.3
Date Added: Aug 16, 2019
License: Freeware
Languages: Multi-languages
OS: Windows XP 64/ Vista 64/ Windows 7/ Server 2008 64/ Windows 8 64
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Written by: Thomas
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